Managed Network Services


Our Portfolio

Our Managed Network Services (MNS) portfolio consists of a number of solutions, tightly integrated, to provide all-encompassing network monitoring, support, and maintenance in a single package.

Network Monitoring

Using custom probes within the network, our systems constantly monitor our customers’ equipment for any faults or anomalies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Upon detection of a fault, our systems immediately notify our NOC, and optionally any customer-specified contacts, and our technicians immediately begin fixing any issues — automatically.

Fault Remediation

Once a fault or anomaly is identified (either via our automated monitoring, or at our customer’s request) our technicians respond appropriately to the fault condition, including troubleshooting with another vendor if necessary, as well as performing root cause analysis, fault isolation, and resolution support.

Performance Optimization

In addition to fault detection, our systems are constantly analyzing system performance and optimization. Sometimes, the network doesn’t need to be down for users to be affected – our our systems are able to quickly spot degraded equipment, overloaded connections, and any other anomalies that can result in less-than-stellar performance for your end users.

Moves / Adds / Changes

In addition to monitoring and troubleshooting, we can perform ongoing Move/Add/Change (MAC) support for the entirety of the customer’s network. This is especially useful for customers whose MAC workload does not justify keeping dedicated network staff on the payroll, but who require timely, expert assistance in regular network maintenance.

Telecommunications Circuit Monitoring / SLA Supervision

Enterprise-grade connections come with Service Level Agreements – but are they being met? Our networking monitoring suite monitors real-time performance metrics against vendor-promised SLAs to make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for. Should SLAs be breached, our systems can automatically notify you, improving network performance and, in some cases, entitling our customer to refunds and remedies for lack of vendor performance!

Lifecycle and Contract Management

Our systems can maintain a complete list of network hardware and software assets, licenses, and versions. Using this information, we can automatically notify you when devices are reaching end-of-life, or if bugfixes or security risks necessitate software upgrades on your devices. Further, we can manage vendor maintenance agreements to ensure your devices remain covered by manufacturer warranties and support contracts.


Network Monitoring

Fault Remediation


Proactive Maintenance

Expert Support

What does this mean to you?

Put simply, our Managed Network Services enable you to leverage state of the art network monitoring, industry-certified experts, and on-call support to keep your network reliable and performance-optimized, all within your budget. You get:

  • Reliability – A well-tuned and fully monitored network means reliability for your users and critical applications – so you can focus on running your business.
  • Cost Savings – Leveraging our Managed Network Services, your users and existing IT staff can be augmented with networking experts, all without the need to for costly network staff and individual monitoring systems.
  • Industry Knowledge and Best Practices – We live and breathe network engineering – and that means our experts are versed in industry best practices in IP convergence, network management, and security. You can be confident in your network’s ability to scale and evolve.
  • Proactive Management – rather than fixing what breaks, our proactive approach to network management strategy includes managing software upgrades, proactive maintenance, and health monitoring to predict and protect against potential failures.
  • Experience and Capability – our network focus means we have experience with all kinds of equipment, connections, and solutions. If you’re dreaming it, chances are we’ve done it – and can share real-world experience and guidance.Our Personality

Our Personality

Sick of waiting on hold to talk to the person who can really help you? Yeah, us too.

Most importantly, with netaryx>MNS, you have a direct line to real people. We strive to remove the barriers to support – the phone trees, the callbacks, the customer numbers, and the “Tier 1” support. Our customers get a direct line to real, local, personable support – and the first person you talk to will be an expert who can help you, right now.

Managed network solutions, and a lot more.