Telecom Consulting

Making sure you have the right telecom services can be difficult, especially with ever-changing technology and bandwidth requirements. We can help determine what services you require for your internet and WAN needs and work with carriers to obtain the best service at the most reasonable cost to your business.

Internet Connectivity

All businesses require connectivity to the internet, but there are a wide range of ways to connect. From business-class cable and fiber services to redundant Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), your business requirements and processes are a large factor in determining the right configuration.

WAN Connectivity

Businesses with multiple locations need a fast, secure connection to make resources available company-wide. We can help identify the right connection type and routing requirements for your business, build your network topology, and deploy the solution from start to finish. Our WAN solutions include technologies such as:

  • Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) connections
  • MPLS – Mulitprotocol Label Switching
  • VPLS – Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections
  • Private IP
  • Merged Wireless/Wired WAN

VoIP/Analog Telecom

We can design and configure voice networks, including those based on analog technologies up to fully-IP based telecom networks. We will help you determine where your voice usage is occurring, and identify ways for your organization to save money by consolidating services or migrating to IP-based solutions. We can design solutions including:

  • POTS/Copper-based public telephone (PSTN) connections
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connections (T1/E1, etc)
  • SIP-based IP telephony
  • PBX migration and trunking
  • Vendor Selection

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Solution Engineering

  • Turn-up/Testing

  • SLA Enforcement

Managed network solutions, and a lot more.