Managed Network Security


Each device you add to your network represents a method of entry for those who wish to do harm. By keeping your network secure, you are protecting your organization against costly and harmful information leaks and vulnerabilites.


Network Security

Our Managed Security solutions make use of a combination of firewalls, content filters, and intrusion detection/prevention devices to protect your organization at the network edge. And, with proactive monitoring and signature subscription services, this protection can remain up to date at all times, protecting you from new threats as soon as they are discovered.

Email Security

Email has become one of the most important and business-critical forms of communication, with many organizations receiving and sending tens of thousands of messages each day. As such, it is important to make sure your business’ email flow is adequately screened for spam, viruses, and malware. Our email security services can filter out bad messages, protecting your infrastructure from damage before messages have a chance to hit an inbox. Meanwhile, anti-spam filtering increases productivity and rescues time spent sorting through junk email.

Wireless Security

As users rely more and more on ubiquitous WiFi coverage, wireless security becomes one of the most important components of any security assessment. Historically, incorrectly- or inadequately-configured WiFi networks have been one of the most serious network vulnerabilities. Our wireless security services include the implementation of enterprise-grade encryption, authentication, and accounting systems to ensure your WiFi network is both convenient and secure. Further, our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions can ensure that users are able to use their own devices on your corporate network in a secure and controlled manner – pleasing users and IT at the same time.

  • Next Generation Firewalls

  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention

  • Content Filtering

  • Log Analysis

Managed network solutions, and a lot more.