Unified Communications

Having a phone on every desk was once good enough – not anymore. Unified Communications (UC) refers to the combination of various modes of communication into a synchronized, integrated solution. UC includes phone systems, voicemail, email, instant messaging, and more.
Implementing UC solutions means your employees and customers are more easily connected, no matter when and where. And a well-implemented UC solution can greatly reduce time spent putting your customers in touch with the contacts they need to get what they are looking for.

Phone Systems and Voice over IP (VoIP)

Implementing a VoIP phone system can not only save you money, but can greatly improve ease of communication within your organization.
VoIP systems operate over existing data networks, including the internet, which means there are no limits to the extent of your communications network. Remote offices, teleworkers, and road-warriors can be as connected and available as they would if they were sitting in the office, and FindMe and Single Number Reach features can reduce the time it takes to get in touch with whoever you are calling.
And, since VoIP can interface with a multitude of internet-based service providers, huge savings can be realized from the elimination of costly analog phone services.


Integrating email into a UC solution means making more information readily accessible. Our UC configurations can include voicemail integration with your email inbox, allowing new voicemails to be instantly delivered to your computer and mobile device wherever you are. Conversely, text-to-voice applications can enable users to call into their voicemail and have appointments and email messages read to them on the go.

Instant Messaging

Previously viewed as a novelty, instant messaging is now widely recognized as a very efficient means of communication both intra- and inter-company. However, allowing users to utilize public, consumer-level IM services can result in security concerns and loss in productivity.
Implementing business-class instant messaging solutions can provide your organization’s employees with the ability to instantly communicate, while ensuring communications remain secure and subject to the same policies and guidelines that govern the rest of your UC solution.

  • IP Phone Systems

  • SIP Trunking

  • Unified IM / Presence

  • Video Conferencing

  • Call Center

Managed network solutions, and a lot more.